Breakfast @ Its a Grind Coffee House

Another coffee place that i went for breakfast with my sister. We supposed to go to scones place. But than the shop is not open yet. Is still early in the morning. So we decided to go to this place since they already open. And we are their first customer.

Place – This place is another part, Subang Jaya in SS15. Famous and crowded place, and full of student of Taylor and Inti College. Very near to AC or Asia Cafe, not a good choice of coffee. Its stink! Very disturbing. I think the whole shoplots smell the same. Yucks! Well, SS15 is known as the rat place. So i guess, it smell of the rats everywhere. Owh nooooooooooooo I wont go to this kind of place no more. Especially in this area. This kind of coffee place in SS15 growth like a mushroom after rain. So they do have coffee place, but not as good as their interior. Think before you enter.

Food – We just had Lamb pie and 2 hot coffee. I found a bit of clear plastic in my lamb pie. Euwwww And i don’t like the environment smell. It stinks. I don’t even have the appetite anymore after that. Is just another bad first timer.

Price – Just nice. Total up somewhere around RM20++

Its a Grind Coffee SS15Its Grind SS15Its Grind SS15 1


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