Organic Pancakes

Hello Friday!You know how much i miss you. Because am looking forward for weekend. Weehoo~

Well today, am excited to share you my first attempt making an organic snacks. Cant believed i did this. Its an easy task, so i shall try. Here we go!

First, you really need eggs and bananas. The only ingredients of making this. And also a little bit of olive oil or you can replace it with low fat butter. An organic pancakes in the making!

Egg Banana 7

We only need half of the banana and one egg for one pancake. Than, we mashed it up together!

Egg Banana 3

Later, you just need to put a little bit of olive oil to put on your hot frying pan. Just to make sure our mixture doesn’t stick on the pan. And pour the mixture of egg and banana!I have the material to actually put the pancake in shape. So use it!

Egg Banana 6

Each pancake takes a couple of minutes to cook.And walla!With no added sugar, now enjoy your organic pancakes in just a few minutes!

Egg Banana 2Egg Banana 5


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