Coffee @ Kemaman Classic Kopitiam

Selamat Pagi,

Apa khabar?Good morning all, how are you?Am looking forward for this weekend. Weehoo~ Can’t wait to tell ya whats the story’s on my next post. For now, am going to share with you a one special coffee shop near my place.

The Place – Situated in Main Place mall, USJ Subang Jaya.  Kemaman Classic Kopitiam is well known for its Hainanese coffee and a wide choice of Malay street food commonly found in warungs in the area of East Coast. Well i told you guys before, its a common thing for Malaysian to go kopitiam nowadays. Because they got the best local coffee you can’t found it in other hipster cafe out there. You can feel the nostalgic feeling once you enter the shop, as they bring back the “kampung lifestyle” such as using woods for the wall even the floor and also some other frames with oldies pictures in it.

The Coffee – Everytime i go for local coffee shop, I would say i love their white coffee more. They taste better than the black one. I don’t know, it depends on you. I prefer white!Apart from that, they also served heavy local food and snacks too!As you all know, the best companion for local coffee is the kaya or peanut butter toast. And they also served the famous roti kawen and roti paong (Terengganu home made butter bun) where you cant find in other coffee shop in this concrete city.

The Price –  Eventhough they are in the mall, the price are still cheap for me. Not like others, when you situated in a mall, they will mark up the price. This is a good place to chill with family or maybe to have dinner. They have the concept of the old kopitiam shop.

So Subang people, if you love local coffee or maybe you miss the aroma back than, feel free to visit their shop anytime as the shopping mall open. 

A – 2nd Floor, Main Place Mall, USJ 21, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

C – 6019 – 353 8121

Kemaman Kopitiam Main Place Cashier CounterKemaman Kopitiam Main Place InteriorKemaman Kopitiam Main Place MenuKemaman Kopitiam Main Place CoffeeKemaman Kopitiam Main Place Roti Bakar



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