Vacay : Singapore Again

Good Morning all,

Its been a tough week for me. Finally Thursday. I cant wait this week to be past. I told my girls I don’t want this week to come. Numbers, figures, reports, meetings, brainstorming, but with my cup of coffee ill be fine. Just fine not good. Am early today to work, with a few parking lots left and last evening was crazy traffic. People, please. What’s up with all he traffic? One way road implemented, MRT in progress, road closure here and there, road holes everywhere, increasing of petrol but where goes to our increasing payment? Come on Malaysia, you can do better than this. Thinking to migrate somewhere in European country, but i have no idea of better one. Too much thinking aite? Forget my mind for awhile. Lets go to another adventure!

Last weekend, was the best. Me, Nurul, Sya and Anca went to Universal Studio Singapore. 3 days 2 nights stay in Danga Bay, Johor. We all thought Danga Bay would sooooo interesting, but noooo. A common place full of people at night and just a fun fair. But i attracted to their Palace gate with huge crown on top. We go there by flight on Friday night after work. First night, friend of Nurul, Fizam pick us up from Senai International Airport. We checked in hotel first. Than we went to JB Bazaar. They called it Bazaar Karat. The famous bazaar among the local. They sell a lot of stuff. I bought t-shirt for myself written Johor in arabic font or you can called it tulisan jawi. Love it!While we walk, we saw this place called Dapur Jendela, a small cafe. We went in and have something to eat. Just snacks. We already do our dinner before our flight. The boyfriend of Sya, Fabian treat us dinner and drop us at Subang Airport from office, thank you! Some people helps actually along the adventure. Mention it at the bottom.

Dapur Jendela JB

The next day, Universal Studio Singapore. We entered Singapore by shuttle bus provided by the hotels. We paid RM25 for return shuttle to hotel. Breakfast at 7am, the bus start the journey at 7:45am. We have to redeem bus tickets before we hop on. Just somewhere near the hotel. We reached USS around 9:30am. The bus go through Tuas Checkpoint, which is a little bit long way. Nevermind, even USS opened at 10am. So we still have time. We went to find the big Merlion that belong to Sentosa Island. Bigger than at the Fullerton. You can actually review it on my last post “Vacay : Singapore” . This is my second time to Universal Studio Singapore. Before i went with my siblings. This time with my colleague. From the marketing team. Yeah, we cant take leave together at one time so we have to make it only on weekend. So we made it! Weehoo~ Well USS been awesome to me simple as that. Love it! Second time was better. With the Madagascar boat ride, mummy roller coaster ride, transformers 3D rides and Steven Spielberg sound system show. The rides was all crazy!But we had fun. Lunch in the Egypt section where the halal food served. Overall, the girls also enjoyed shopping. Will see you again USS for the next upgrade session. Owh ya, the ticket price was RM178, we bought it at MATTA Fair. Cheap! And we fly with Firefly to Johor Bharu around RM120++ i can’t remember. The most important thing is your passport is with you. If not you can’t even entered Singapore!

Universal Studio Singapore 2014

Next, Singapore sightseeing by my girl Farah. She met us at Vivo City. Its actually a shopping mall at the main land. Just near the Sentosa Island, it took us around 5 minutes from Sentosa Island (USS) to Vivo City by free train shuttle. Ask people around you for the train direction. Well Farah was my Uni friend back in Diploma years. We still contacting each other till today. The last time i met her was at one of our friend wedding reception in Kuala Lumpur. Farah live in Woodlands, Singapore like more than 3 years now. She work with the best coffee place Starbucks!somewhere near the Singapore City. But she is local her family live in Segamat, Johor. She frequently go back Johor to visit her family. Well can i do that too? Work outside Malaysia? Why not for a little adventure. I will consider about it. Well Farah is quite higher position in her Starbucks branch, can i try?LOL So we went to Esplanade first, and then to Makan Sutra. We had sunset dinner by the bay πŸ™‚ with Marina Bay sands standing really proud in front of us. They are just amazing. Makan Sutra its actually a very clean food court i must say. This is my first time here. You guys should try! And Farah treat us all with Starbucks Coffee. She is super kind. Thank you Farah! Next station was the Bugis Street. Where the girls do more shopping. But this time more to the souvenir from Singapore itself. We go all this places just by the MRT. People said, you are not visiting the country overall if you are not going by their public transport. Is that true?haha Finally, we didn’t even go back with our shuttle back, we go for daily bus instead. Causeway Link bus for SGD 3.30. The bus will take you straight to Singapore customs and continue at Johor Customs (JB Central). Easy and cheap!It took us around 30 minutes only. How to get the bus? You have to walk a little bit straight after Bugis Street to get to the bus station. And wait for the bus to come and they will be a lot of people queuing up. Just becareful with stuff you bring, its a public place. From JB central we took cab cost us RM20 to hotel.

Singapore 2014

The last day of our weekend gateway, we went to Johor Premium Outlet. Just before our flight 2pm. So Fizam bring us there and we do another more shopping πŸ™‚ Senai International Airport was like huge and no people at all, but it is nice airport. And finally, our stay at Tune Hotels, was not bad. Do expect things doesn’t come up your way. Its a little bit here and there. But you should give a try to stay at their hotels because loads of people staying there actually, they drove, they came by bus or flight. Some sort of different races too. Made in local, should try. Have a nice stay there!

Johor Premium Outlets

Tune Hotels Danga Bay JB

So people, this is it, a little vacation with a little time and little money.

THANK YOU to Fabian, Fizam and Farah! the triple F πŸ™‚ you guys rock!


Marina Bay Sands at Night


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