Coffee @ Maidah Cuisine

Good morning guys,

I really hope today gonna be just fine. So today am gonna share with you guys my coffee time on last weekend with my mom and sister at Putra Heights. We went to our tailor actually, so we decided to drop by and have a cup of coffee on that rainy days.

Place – Located at very calm and peace residence area, Putra Heights. We used to stay here but we moved to USJ, near to everything. But Putra Heights win the best environment after all. So this restaurants just at the same row as Bank Islam in the Putra Point we called it as this place is like a business center. They also have like a mini supermarket selling cooking stuff and frozen food. So they are interconnected to each other.

Food – The food served is catered to every conceivable taste and is prepared in Halal-certified kitchens. The Maidah Cuisine is an innovative culinary concept that promises to delight your taste buds and pamper your other senses. From Asian, American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European, the wide array of delectable cuisines will leave the diners spoilt for choice and full of adventure. We ordered Cappuccino, Cafe latte and vanilla ice blended drinks. The food we had kuey teow, bread butter pudding with vanilla sauce and also Tiramisu. Everything is super delicious! You should come and try yourself. By the way this is our first time having it here, before this we once bought home their chicken pie that also tasty.

Price – I couldn’t agreed more. With this super tasty delicious food they served halal with nice presentation. And services by the waiter was very friendly and kind. Everything is worth it!


FB –

No 28-G, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/7A,
Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

C – +603 5191 1716/+6019 212 2422

E –

Maidah Cuisine Putra HeightsMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights Cashier CounterMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights MenuMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights FlyersMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights Desserts and DrinksMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights Hot LatteMaidah Cuisine Putra Heights Kuey Teow Goreng


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