Coffee @ Roa by Jovian Mandagie

Tell me what do you think of the name? ROA! ROARRRRR LOL

Okay lets talk this over, Roa by Jovian Mandagie. Me and friends decided to go to this place after we had our lunch some where near. It was Sunday, and we expected to end our weekend for a good coffee.

Place – It is nice place to come here for a coffee or gathering, or catch up session and maybe lunch. Definitely this place will look nice at night for a dinner perhaps. You can actually see from outside of the restaurant. Look really elegance for interior. I would give extra point for interior. I love the concept until at one point that totally ruin my mood as a coffee lover. Not just me, so does my friends.

Coffee – Don’t you ever come here for coffee. Don’t expected too much on the drinks too. Not even the light snacks. Cakes?am not sure but its pretty pricey for a small slice of cake.  Others like food, you can consider other place before you come here. Only me and a friend ordered a hot cappuccino and hot latte. The rest ordered ice latte. You know what it turn out?? A so not a latte with full of ice. The color is the same as teh tarik. Would you just imagine, and teh tarik taste like a warm water with orange color added. And our hot coffee with burned smell and burned taste of coffee. It slash out my mood that day. It slash out all of us. Please people, don’t open a restaurant if you cannot served at least a drinks. Owh come on, this is ashamed. A well established public figure, open a restaurant served ridiculous drinks. How do you feel? Just imagine if your no. 1 fans out there came to try out. How would they rate you? As positive as our mind, maybe your food is good. Better than your drinks. I really hope so. Plus my coffee been served late because you run out of milk. And it took like more than half and hour for a cup of cappuccino and a latte?gosh. Madness. Please consider your customer next time. Who knows, maybe they came all the way from far just to try out. Poor them.

Price – When everything turned out badly, all of them i will say freaking pricey. Not even meet our low expectations at all. Sorry Roa. You failed us. You should hired a good drink maker.

ROA MenuROA Menu 1ROA InteriorROA Interior 1ROA Interior 2ROA Interior 3ROA Ice CoffeeROA EntranceROA Cafe


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