Vacay : Weekend Gateway @ The Legends Resort, Cherating

Good morning everyone, what i do for Monday motivation, currently listening to Paramore playlist. I cant really sleep last night, so today i need energy to start my work. Sleepy head!

This is a story about last two weeks. Me and friends went to a wedding receptions in Temerloh, Pahang. You know what we did after that? A road trip to Cherating! Am not move on yet. I love the beach, its too little time for a beach vacation. We just went over a weekend. Will come here again soon. The best thing was the beach plus the stay. I love it sooooo much! We stay at The Legends Resorts Cherating, it took 30 minutes from Jabor highway exit with 30km. If you all familiar with East Cost ExpresswayΒ or it known as LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur). This is my first time in The Legends Resorts, my last stay in Cherating was at Impiana about a few years ago. We enjoyed staying here as the beach was clean, water was clean but not their swimming pool. Full with dried leaves and sands exactly from the beach. The room was spacious and they gave us a king bed room with a very nice view. Me with my two other friends really love the place. The room can actually can fit more than 3 people at one time. We reach there in the evening, and for dinner we went to Kuantan a little bit further to the town. Took about 40 minutes drive. We went to a seafood restaurants called Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. Really near to the beach, but you cannot see because its too dark. But no worry, you can still here the sounds of waves and the strong wind from the sea. I love the way it is. Even you cannot see, you can feel you are in this homey environment. Calm as you cannot imagine. What more can you asked, the seafood price is cheap too. Can i live here? So there you go my weekend gateway. By the way, please check the amount of your total bill for the stay. They might charged you with certain stuff that you don’t know. Be careful! We booked it through and it cost us only RM208 including breakfast & taxes. That’s all for now. Enjoy your weeks!

The Legends Resorts Cherating Room ViewThe Legends Resorts Cherating CafeThe Legends Resorts Cherating EntranceThe Legends Resorts Cherating King Bed RoomThe Legends Resorts Cherating RoomThe Legends Resorts Cherating Outside RoomThe Legends Resorts Cherating Beach SunriseThe Legends Resorts Cherating BeachThe Legends Resorts Cherating Sunset Ana Ikan Bakar Petai Kuantan LaukAna Ikan Bakar Petai Kuantan


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