Event : Appreciation Day 2014

Good Morning All,

Heads up and look forward because tomorrow is the freaking weekend. Put your hands up in the air!LOL Okay stop Fatin please. Its been a long time after the last event i managed for our company. It was last year if you guys still remember me and Pam handle our Annual Dinner. Now, no more Pam. I miss her actually! I handle a lot of event with her. It was so much fun!So this year i have new team, which let me introduce you Nurul and Anca. So this two girls being an awesome helper with loads of stuff. And also Farah handling the decorations. We do discussion to discussion, for the theme and also the place.

First, this is actually our big boss Appreciation Day. He left us with the company and he’ll go for a better opportunity abroad. Congratulations Boss and all the best for your new journey! We decided to do this 2 weeks before the event took place. We chose red and white as a theme because the significant of our company itself. And the place we chose was Serai Jaya Shopping Center. They was awesome in terms of services. I communicate with Mr Izmir through phone and also email. They are super efficient i must said. Thank you so much for making this happened. We cater for 56 pax in the restaurant nice and fit. Plus is just near to our office. Fabulous!

And for the decorations, thank you Farah for making this happen too. With the ideas and options we go through, finally its up with Keep Calm and Thank You Boss! It was a success event i would said. Love you girls. Kudos!

Serai InteriorSerai Jaya Shopping Center 4 centerpieceSerai Jaya Shopping Center 5 Aprreciaton daySerai Jaya Shopping Center 3Serai Jaya Shopping Center Outside

How i miss doing such event. I would love to see more in the future.


Team Organizer.

Serai Jaya Shopping Center Appreciation Day Team Organizer


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