The best feelings ever according to me

Its Monday peeps!and you know what is that mean to those working people. Monday blues!But please don’t ever psycho yourself with this kind of feelings. Is just another day call Monday. Positive! While my office fill with darkness, no electricity at certain part but nothing can stop me from posting this. The best feelings ever according to me!

1. Bare feet on the warm beach sand with the sand between my toes.

2. Fresh air from the beach, or from the highest place go through my face and hair.

3. Having a cup of hot coffee while reading a book with jazzy or french music for the background.

4. When someone plays with my hair.

5. When i hug someone i love, and they hug me back even tighter.

6. After a long run.

7. My fresh shaved legs on clean sheets.

8. Wearing a brand new pair of underwear.

9. Flipping my pillow to the cool side.

10. A hearty sneeze.

11. Taking a much needed shower.

12. Being in a warm bed on a chilly night.

13. Taking my bra and pants off at the end of the day.

14. Smell of the fresh flowers all over your house especially lily and roses!

15. And finally when someone confess from the very bottom of his heart that he is actually falling in love with you! 🙂


xo, f.


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