Lunch @ D Viennoiserie Cafe

D Viennoiserie, the pastries (in French). You know how much i wanted to live in France so much, with their pastries, coffee environment, books, love quotes, with their language, songs and ice cream for sure! And not to forget the Eiffel Tower. Just imagine you live in the city of love. You’ll fall in love over and over again. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s whats on my mind all the time. Migrate to France. Wish list that am not sure it will be full fill. Lets continue this with a place called D Viennoiserie Cafe selling pastries and nice hot coffee.

Place – Anca was out of idea what to have for lunch last Friday. I brought my food but than i just came to accompany her. So we walk to Plaza 33 just in 5 minutes. Located in Plaza 33 itself. Next to D’ Cuisine. I think D Viennoiserie and D’ Cuisine is under one roof.

Food – Anca had their Caesar Salad, she said with the salad dressing is nice but out of leaf. We need more leaf for Caesar salad please. More colored leaf! Hahaha I just had their cinnamon danish and a cup of hot cappuccino. Anca had their croissant and hot flat white. They have the bad flat white ever. Sorry people!Please improvised. Finally, i bring their scones back for my mum together with their dip. Mumsie said not bad as a scones lover herself. They do also have pasta if you prefer heavy food.

Price – Honestly, I cant remember where i put the receipt. My bad! Am sorry i cant provides you the cost or the price whatever you name it for this review. But you feel the chill-ness in that place while you sipping a hot coffee while listening to their music and chatting. Is just nice to have all this feelings. And not to forget, they have a good services too. Love the place!

A – D Viennoiserie Cafe, Plaza 33, Ground Floor, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

D viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Bread SectionD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 CappuccinoD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 CoffeeD viennoiserie Cafe Scones Plaza 33D viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Caesar SaladD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Cinnamon DanishD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Interior 1D viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Interior 3D viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 MenuD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Menu coverD viennoiserie Cafe Plaza 33 Interior


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