Convocation Day & a Short Trip

Good day all. Freaking Friday is here. Finally i think i have the mood back to write and have a little bit of time before i start my work. I don’t feel like to work because is near to the end of the year already. Can you feel me? Holidays and celebrations is just around the corner. Lets be awesome people!

First convocation i attend for my lil sister last two weeks in Melaka. Well, i attended my lil brother convocation day also in Melaka it was a few years back. What a life, i had mine just here in Shah Alam for both of my studies. So Fatin, tell me when is going to be your next convocation on your Master studies? Let time decide. So what more can your parents said when you actually succeed in your studies, there are freaking happy and excited about it. Congratulations my baby sister! Expected more to come.

Aflisa Convocation Day 2014

As the Convocation day took place in Melaka, so we plans something along with it. First night, we stay at Afamosa Melaka in Alor Gajah. And the following night in Kulai, Johor. Why on earth in Kulai out of the all Johor? Because my mom wanted to go shopping at Johor Premium Outlet most known as JPO! On the Monday night we arrived after work around 8:30 pm we straight away go for dinner in the Afamosa itself. They have this restaurant called Golfers Terrace. The food not bad, we ordered ala carte as the buffet dinner ended at 9 pm. The best part was we enjoy fireworks from the cowboy town, we can see it from the place we had dinner. Coolness!

As you all know, Afamosa has different type of room to choose. We booked a Afamosa Resort Hotel. And it was awesome! Freaking spacious and we can actually fit 6 of us in there. And we do have huge balcony that we can do a BBQ. LOL

Afamosa Resort Hotel MelakaAfamosa Golfers Terrace

Next, our stay in Kulai Johor at The Creator Hotel. And it was super awesome! We drove out from Melaka around 2 pm, it took 2 hours to reached Kulai. The room we booked was more spacious than the on in Afamosa. Cooler and very innovative i would say. Even though the hotel actually in the middle of Kulai city, but it totally worth it to stay there. And most unexpected was we had breakfast at old town white coffee provided by the hotel itself. It was cool. Never in my life a hotel providing breakfast there. This is because i think they don’t have their own cafe or restaurant and they actually situated in the Kulai City Center mall. So maybe they decided to collaborate with them.

The Creator Hotel Kulai, Johor

In Kulai, we discovered some delicious makan place that you should try. First was in the Kulai Arked. They have the best mee bandung johor in town. Hahaha i think is just us, maybe they have other place better than this. We never know. And one more you should go to Wak Kentut just near the hotel. They sell nasi lemak with the best fried chicken. Give them a try! But unfortunately i don’t have the picture here for Wak Kentut. Sorry folks!

Mee bandung Arked Kulai, Johor

And finally we enjoyed shopping and shopping at JPO. As on the 3rd December was my dad birthday, we go and celebrate at Dome JPO for a cakes. Well spend with my family. Thats all for now. Good day peeps!


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