Short Trips : Kelantan

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! Not too late to wish you guys have a blast Christmas. And enjoy to the one who actually clearing your leave at the end of the year. Happy hols!

Well my post for this morning it isn’t about Christmas. But about a short trip me, and my parents went last three weeks. Kelantan, heard of the bad news where flood everywhere there. Pray for them to be in good condition. Help them out while you can.

Bantuan Banjir im4u 2014

We went there for some stuff that we need to settle. The weather is not so good. And we was so lucky the flooded not begin yet. But we managed to do so. I hope everything run well and smooth after this. All the best for us! Than later we decided to stay in Kota Bharu. As my mum said its been awhile. So why not. And is just 120 km more from the place we settle our stuff. So here we are, spend the night at Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu. The famous and most established hotel in Kota Bharu. We are so surprised when we saw the hotel transform to a new building. A new slick and bold one. Congratulations Hotel Perdana, you look so great with your new look and management! So lets review first with their interior inside out.

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu Interior

Am so excited to review this hotel, after such a long time we didn’t came here. With their superb services from the time you park and to the time you are in your room. Perfect! That’s all i can say. Hotel Perdana is the landmark for Kota Bharu if you guys been there. Is the most preferred accommodation for us and others, as we’ve been staying to a lot of other hotel in Kota bharu before. Still Hotel Perdana is the best choice.They still keep rich Malay heritage with unique carving displays, traditional canvas panting, old building pictures, modern classic deco and architecture, that i adore so much. The smell of the woods are still there! Look for cozy room at below picture.

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu Guest Room

And the Cerana Coffee House! Like always they have the best teh tarik ever. We don’t want to waste our time to search dinner place, so we decided to have it in hotel coffee house itself. Swimming pool view you can catch at this cafe. The place where me and my siblings can spend the whole day swimming back than. I miss those days. Shemeti shemeti sekalian, lets do a comeback! I ordered keropok lekor (the most famous fried fish chips) with specially made chili sauce. Mummy ordered beef pie served with bbq sauce from the Rebab Cafe and my dad had mee goreng mamak. And two hot teh tarik for us. All together total up to RM66. No other place can give us time like this chilling with my dad and mom with the place we miss so much. Bill to the room please!

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu Cerana Cafe

Overall, it gets the level of our satisfaction. If you guys visiting Kota Bharu, the city of Kelantan, please feel free to book them for your accommodation.

A –

Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu

Jalan Mahmood
15200 Kota Bharu
Kelantan, Malaysia

C – +609.7458888

E –

W –


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