Where did she go?

Hey you, yes you! Right in the middle, looking at the computer screen while reading this. I am right here typing nonsense. It’s been such a longest time i didn’t write anything here. I freaking need more time than usual, bloody hell busy, with all the freaking traffic here and everywhere. I need my mood back to write. No such time i can think of when or where. Life changing after awhile in year 2015. I’ve bought a few books to actually kill my time but time is killing me. The other way round, yeah you got me time. Why you so jealous of me? All the books end up in my car and under my bed. Great job! There you go my reading skills and my alternative brainwash gear. I can’t think of any good start for my new year. Everything seems so blur. I feel a lil bit lost. Where is my goal that am talking about? When it is going to start? What happen to all plans? Which way i should do? Is this who I am? Is this the girl who always think loud and clear? Where did she go? Please do your mind a favor, refresh, and get something to boost you out.

Now playing – Lonestar by Norah Jones.


xo, f.


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