Coffee @ Dip n Dip

Hey you, i know this is quite weird timing to post. This is only time i have,  i cannot do this on weekdays is too busy for me. Work load become more heavier. This is what i do for living, Cheers to the future! So hows weekend? Looking good? I spend my time with my mother and sister, what we called mother daughters bonding session. We went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch,coffee and do some shopping. Chinese new year is just around the corner so everything’s are on sale. People don’t do last minute shopping because nice stuff wont wait for you.

Place – Dip n Dip. Heaven on earth for chocolate lovers. Located at old wing in Sunway Pyramid, look for Marakesh alley. The shops are really narrow inside, very limited space and seats are just for a few. Red and white for the concept, the name is too simple to remember. You can dip n dip. A taste will make you 🙂

Food – This is our first time, so we ordered stuff that is famous in blogs and instagram. Chocolate waffle and Crunchy Ice Cream with hot cappuccino and mineral water. If you wanna feel guilty towards your body or a cheat day for your diet week, go ahead because its freaking licking good i must say! Awesome chocolates taste really rich and solid taste. And coffee was good too. Satisfied customer.

Price – Total for everything was RM53.35 with good services.

A – Dip n Dip Sunway Pyramid, Level LG2, no 83. (LG2.83)

C – 03-2201-5052

W –

FB –


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