Coffee @ Meteora Cafe

And here’s another place for great coffee and a good catch up. Me and my best buddy Ain called it coffee hopping. We usually go for a new place, that’s where the adventure begin. Did you know, you need someone who can go crazy and go round crying, smiling and laughing together. And you also need a good place for a catch up. We don’t do stuff and seeing each other so often, but when we do meet up, we go all out. That is where stories and stories and more stories could not stop rewinding and moving and jumping to one another. Well i guess that’s girls, cant get enough for a pillow talk, we go for coffee session, not just gossiping, emotional stuff we do go deeper sometimes to personal thingy. We do enjoy this, we wish we can do it more often, but we really running out of time some of the days, still we know there are times we reserved for some one important like this. Think before you lost this kind of person forever.

Place – We decided to try Meteora Cafe in USJ 9, near Taipan and next to Masjid Al Falah, USJ Subang Jaya. The best landmark i can give. Owh ya another one, is opposite kedai mamak Makbul and Murni USJ. A really nice interior full with white lanterns on the ceiling. This best thing about this cafe, you just need to find your seat and they will come to you for order.

Coffee – They said they have best churros in town. So we tried 7 sticks of it together with 2 dip sauce (chocolates & caramel) A very solid churros i ever try. Really good! Brownies with ice cream is the best! And i tried their salted caramel hot chocs and Ain Cappuccino’s. I never knew this place have the best of everything. They also have heavy meal too like pasta’s and burgers. Do come here give them a try.

Price – Total RM 33. The brownies was RM5, churros RM9 and i don’t remember drinks price am sorry. It was freaking cheap! This is the best place to hang out or for a family dinner too. Everything under one roof, perfect!

A – 54-1, USJ9/5P, Subang Jaya

C – 012-940 2001


IG –



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