Some pursue Happiness

Good afternoon all,

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Define yours. What I would like to post here is about the happiness that i see in some of my friends. How they are actually pursuing to be more happy than now. They going to the next step. From just a normal partner, they are up to one more step that will bring this to forever lifetime relationship, engagement. I attended this two engagement day for my both bestfriends, Nurul and Amar. They are not getting engaged together, they are two different friends. Nurul is from my office i call her girlfriend not office mate and Amar one of my close Uni friend from Diploma. We talk, gossip, travel and doing stupid things with other bunch of friends. Awesome friends make you appreciate your life more. Am not saying, you have to depends your life through your friends but think, without them you are just a blunt damn people. Jerkie!

Am damn freaking happy for my both friends, they do the right decisions and hope this going to bring more more happy in the future. Pray and well wishes for both of you. And cheers to other friends too who will make the same decision this year. I see bunch of friends getting engaged and married this year. Going to have my schedule pack with it. Congratulations to some friends pursuing your happiness. Enjoy pictures!

Khairul Amar & Ellie Engagement Day – Laman Qaseh, Shah Alam

(14th February 2015) 

Themed – Black


Nurul Khairiyah & Fizam Engagement Day – Taman Setiakawan, Melaka

(31st January 2015)

Themed – Songket



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