Lunch @ G Coffee

Good Morning Tricky Tuesday, am here as always early in the office and ready to start my work but before i forgot, let me post this thing first. Is crazy freaking week, your head is not around and deadline chasing you like mad. Timing is on his way to get you. Beware!

Place – We went to this place last week for lunch, we decide to go here after we walked by this shop while we on the way to Delle Coffee. Is just next door and its a new coffee shop. They just opened on 31st January. Located in Centerstage, PJ best landmark look for Best Western Hotel. This place is just behind our office so we walked there. Nice looking coffee shop with full of artificial flowers most of it orchids. When you look from outside it will look like a florist. Don’t be confused, its a coffee shop. They have really cozy place where they have comfy individual sofa at the corner and also usual tables and chairs.

Coffee – Like always most of the coffee shop you have to order at their counter. Look for the menu on top of the cashier, they write it with neon color pen which is kinda messy to read. We took time to ordered ours. I don’t feel like eating much that day so i just had hot flat white and a slice of red velvet cake. Nurul had their all day breakfast, sausage served with egg and baked beans plus salads with her hot americano. The cake taste soooo good. Very moist and same goes to the flat white.

Price – Total cost for it was RM45. A slice of red velvet was RM9.50, flat white RM9, Americano RM7, the breakfast set was RM15 and plus service tax.



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