Vacay : Penang

Hello Sunday!

I enjoyed my short trip previously to Penang. I just had my flight back here in KL last night. It was awesome 3 days 2 nights. I did some research before fly there last Thursday. Plus i think Penang is the safest place to be if you are travel alone. This is not my first time here, and i know a bit of the places around. I choose to stayed in Tanjung Bungah where all the foreigner mostly lived there. Copthorne Orchids it is. And just so you know, everything is very near to you such as the convenient shop like 7 Eleven, Dominos Pizza, local bakery, indian food restaurant and also malay foodcourt. You can always walk walk and walk. As the hotel i stayed they have their own beach, this foreigner actually do their jog every evening at the beach or even just wasting time there. I love the place i stayed, the room to be exact, they have own balcony and the best view when you woke up. I had my breakfast by the balcony while watching sun rise and wasting my time just to hear the sound of waves.


How do i go around in Penang? by Rapid Penang and also shuttle provides by hotel. How cool is that right. The shuttle is going to this two places Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi. But you can always ask the driver to stop where you feel like stop along the away i mean. Services are tip top. Rapid Penang, you can always take the bus. I know i don’t take bus here in KL, but Β why not if you think you wanted to see how other people lived or the surrounding you might want to used local public transport to go around. I take Rapid Penang 102 bus from Penang International Airport to Tanjung Bungah takes you 1 hour and a half to reach. It cost you RM3.40 only. And if you are from Georgetown you can take the Rapid Penang 101 bus to Tanjung Bungah it will take you just about 20 minutes and only cost RM2. I don’t mind taking the bus, because it will bring you for sightseeing. So when i went to Georgetown on the second day, there’s where my journey begin. Look for the Armenian Street where all the Art Street you know what i mean the mural on every inch of the wall there. Near to the beach street and a lot of cafe and also heritage site that you can visit. I love the buildings there too!


Overall, I enjoy every moment on this journey. Eventhough i didn’t enjoy foods in Penang like what other people said, Penang is rich with food but i enjoy having a me time. You learn something when you out of your comfort zone and you can have your own sweet time.

Life is a story, make yours the best seller.




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