Birthday Dinner @ Jumbo Houz

Good Morning to all big fans of Manchester United! I hope is not too late to wish well done to the team and congratulations on the winning to Liverpool last two nights.

Okay back to this, I am busy with works, a lot more to loads and am not in good condition currently. Well excuse with my bad attitudes of having a bad emotional feelings all this while. I think i deserved way much better treatment than what i have now.

Place – Located at Jalan Rahang, Senawang. I think it’s a new place I mean shop lot you can see at the top of the hill. This shop lot is in Forest Heights itself. Forest Heights is very familiar to Seremban people I assume. My brother pick this place for my baby sister birthday dinner that we celebrated early one day. Very nice place I must say, serene too. My brother told us that this place usually full in the very late night. Gym is just upstairs, so you can see a lot of people will came down for snacks or dinner or maybe supper after exercising. Look for red and black color shop.

Food – Superb! Freaking big portion, you can actually shared. I shared with my mum Spaghetti Mr Sour so does my sister in law, my brother had lamb grilled, my sister and my dad had chicken grilled. The best part is, can actually feel the juice of freshness in every bite. Drinks we ordered orange juice, hot white coffee and water.

Price – Very affordable. Total cost is RM77 after 20% discount because its my sister’s birthday. So cool right! People, who love red meat, white meat, juices, fresh stuff, big portions and also love to try new things at new place,  you can come here for hangouts or maybe dinner with family like what we did.

A – Jalan Rahang Jaya 2, 70100 Rahang, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

C – 011-1243 2371

IG –



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