Coffee @ Big Mouth Burger & Lifestyle Cafe

I found new place to hangout now!

Place – We went here after the birthday dinner. We all need coffee after food. Bad habit bad bad habit LOL Its in new town Seremban 2. If you guys heard of it before. Very new place and I cant wait to discover more. I can see potential shops and café that I can visit and try new coffee place. *EXCITED* We actually planning to go Bros Café but they had their coffee machine serviced that night. Too bad, and we walk to the next coffee shop called Big Mouth. I think I crossed something the same name but not coffee shop, but I don’t know where. The name is just similar. I like this coffee shop, where you just pick your seat first and the waiter will come to you. How nice. They have indoor and outdoor seating area. I love the interior..very vintage!

Coffee – Well we are at coffee shop, I had Americano again coffee. Am freaking tired, the whole day awake and driving from a place to another place. So coffee it is plus nachos with dip. Nyums!

Price – RM60++ for all coffee and nachos.

Okay that’s all for now. I might need a good rest and stress reliever pronto!

Goodbye muchos. (me ate so much of nachos)

A – Jalan S2 B8, Seremban 2, 70300 Negeri Sembilan

C – 06-601 4925

W –



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