Dinner @ Foodsbury Cafe

Good Evening Everyone!

Its such a wonderful day today. Hope yours too. You guys know Ain Radhi right? the one i kept saying. We go travel, coffee, dine together and all other things. You can see her everywhere in my wordpress. She left me, i feel lost, because she got to transfer to Kuantan. And she already moved out from Shah Alam last freaking Tuesday. Everyone left me, i feel sad. Really sad. She is like my soul mate, my everything, she can handle me no matter what emotions i have that time, i talk about my stuff and hers, talk nonsense, talk about future and stuff that can get us grow up and be the best person out there. I take this as new adventure for her and great opportunity that she can’t get the next time. It can bring more happiness perhaps. As i will continue what i have now but definitely will go and visit her soon. I’ll make a point to see her there at least once a month? ๐Ÿ™‚ So for the last time before she moved, i asked her out for dinner. We decided to go Foodsbury in Shah Alam.

Place – I cant really tell you guys where, but its located near to the biggest landmark Concorde Shah Alam, but not there and you have to find Shell Petrol Stations and a Surau section 9 that has been upgraded. They got plenty of parking because this place is like a row of shop lot. Parking is everywhere and near to residence area too. I like their interior on certain part, they have classic stuff hanging on the wall such as classic tray and small plate. Very colorful!

Foodย – I ordered hot cappuccino and Ain ordered hot tea. Meal? Ain ordered Spicy Spaghetti i think with chicken and i had chicken tortilla plus their fries with bologna sauce with cheese on top. For dessert we had their most famous salted caramel cake. Its freaking delicious! But for other food i cant take it, so much spicy on every bite. Drinks, just okay.

Price – Overall total was RM66. You have to be patient because they only have 2 person that is handling the cafe. From cashier, taking orders, waiters to cleaned up. And for sure they have chef to cook right and its freaking slow! Services very very slow. Just bare in mind you have to pick your seat first, make all your decision on what to eat because they provides menu at each table and proceed to the counter, so that it will give the cashier smooth process.

A –ย Wisma Faiz Azrina, 24,ย Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah A9/A, Shah Alam, Malaysia


And to Ain Radhi,

Please remember this, You know you love me!



xo, f.


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