Vacay : Weekend Gateway @ Silalima Kuantan, Pahang

Hello peeps! How are you guys doing? Its been a very hectic weeks last week. Messy with event and it turns out good. On Saturday morning we went to Kuantan which we’ve been plan a month ago. I told my friends that am going to Kuantan flying to visit my soulmate Ain Radhi there. Since she just move in there and just started working to a very new environment and collegues. So why don’t i make a surprise for her. Tadddaaaaa I share my locations ย through my whatsapp and she just straight away called me and asking me what am doing there. LOL Surprised! Well we plan to go beach market by Elfira Loy. Never knew that place is too small and nothing much to see also. I mean for me, i want to see something rare like hand made stuff, crafting or something really different than like in Kuala Lumpur. Where you can get all the stuff everywhere. And thought they have a place that you can seat and chill by the beach. But no, there is no way you can go and touch the water because i think that is too dirty and is not even a beach. They did it in Taman Gelora, thought was in Teluk Cempedak. Never mind at least we been there and done that. I went with my crazy twins nurul and sya sya plus azlan and meeting up with other friend of them in Indera Mahkota. A roadtrip you can always plan again and again! Had so much fun with bunch of cool kids. Thank you awesome peeps!


Silalima, this awesome place bring us to the other side of the world. Simply amazing, minimal modern interior, with very friendly owner. I am amazed with this place. Never thought they have such place to stay and do weekend gateway. Just like us, one night is not enough we gonna plan again for maybe a few days after this ๐Ÿ˜€ I booked for a queen bed larger size with courtyard. Once you get up, you can see tree just beside your bed. I freaking love the concept. And our room just next to the small pool! Its just awesome. Spend time by the pool talking, gossiping, splashing here and there. We had fun! But we do hope for a new cafe to open soon. So they gonna be bed & breakfast stay. The parking lot quite small, only have a few parking spots and very narrow too. So you need a few times to actually adjust your car for a perfect parking with sometimes heavy traffic even though is just in residence area. For landmark, easy reference for other visitor wanna stay here, you can find KPJ Hospital, Kuantan. Very near to it. Just a few blocks away. Silalima is at No.ย 5 Jalan Alor Akar, Taman Sri Kuantan, 25050 Kuantan, Malaysia. And this stay is completely in high connection to wifi. So no worries if you need to attached to your laptop and do working while you were there. Where do they get their names? Lucky me get to catch up with the owner itself Mr Gary. He is nice guy came from Kelantan married to local. Abei! LOL Okay so he explained that Sila is from the word silakan from Bahasa Melayu meaning please. Lima is from the house block means block five. Combined word and direct translations in english became Please Five (Silalima) ๐Ÿ™‚ You can always buzz himself to book at 019 9804 600 and his wife Esther at 019 9891 638 or maybe email at and website I booked from and some said it can be booked through airbnb too.This is very rare place to stay in Kuantan and you might not get the same experienced in other places. You can also search them in Facebook at SilaLima.


On that night i’ve booked table for 6 at Lila Wadi, Jalan Teluk Sisek for our dinner. This place also got the similarity to our stay Silalima. As Mr Gary mentioned that they both used the same interior designer. So walla! It come out great! At Lila Wadi specialty was their Pan BBQ and also desserts Mango Chesse Cake with Pandan cooler for drinks. We took all of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ As we are 6 people all together so we ordered one normal chicken soup and one tom yum soup for our steambot flavor to share. Two complete set of our pan bbq, 2 plates of manggo chesse cakes, 3 of us with pandan cooler and 3 of it with other drinks and one more dessert i cant recalled the name end up with RM208.30. For us, its worth it plus you get to meeting people and spend dinner together at this such nice place never asked for more. By the way luckily i reserved table early in the evening when we just arrived Kuantan, book your place if you don’t want to ques and wait for a table.



w –ย

fb –ย

c –ย 012 985 0095 Teluk Sisek
011 1284 5188 Indera Mahkota
017 971 1396 Kula Cakes

And lastly, we went to the beach at Teluk Cempedak. Its been along time i didn’t go to this place. Reminiscence? maybe. How the place is totally different now days and packed with humans! Overall, this is very nice trip and chill with no attached to any appointment and stuff. We enjoyed. Thank you lovely peeps! me love ya!



That’s all for now~


Your beachead,

xo, f.


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