Movie : The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline, a movie i wanted to watch so much first because of Blake Lively and second because of the story line. I watched her stunning beautiful look with nice scene they captured. Maybe i attracted to old fashion style or vintage kinda of movie, if you can actually review on my other movie in here. They catch my attention when Blake is actually ageless and attracted to this one charming messy genius guy that i think i would fell too. LOL She live in very low profile lifestyle, went for a catch up, went for a dinner and support her friends in anyway. She work in the library but she will change new job new name and new place after a few years. So people will not realize she’s still looking good with her young face. She read books and she also brilliant in history. I don’t know why but i fell in love with this two couple, they are just sweet. Go to a place that they never been before, shares some history stuff, read a lot, enjoy music and they can’t leave with out each other. Lets read the review!

Adaline Bowman, an individual as simple as any other, born at the turn of the 20th century, has lived a solitary existence, until 1933 when a horrible accident that occurred forced her to become ageless. In the years to come a charismatic philanthropist named Ellis Jones emerges, and restores her thirst for life and romance. A weekend with his parents make her realize that the flame that keeps her secret from being divulged is flickering. Adaline makes decisions that completely modify her life. You people who love to watch a story about a life i suggest you to watch this movie. And not just that, because of my obsession towards Blake Lively, i would love to watch it again. Happy watching peeps!

Now playing – Life is Beautiful by Lana Del Rey (The Age of Adaline soundtrack)



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