Movie Tastes and Preferences

Good Morning! Thank God its Friday! I can’t take another day anymore. So reckless so helpless. I know it’s a bit of lacking here and there this week. I wish am at another place doing things i love enjoy doing. I might be needed of a new place new environment new phase perhaps? While listening to Sam Smith this morning thought of like sharing my most favorite movie. Definition to this is it would be my favorite actor or actress in it, the story line, the scene that they have it and the story related to me some kind of connection. I know am not that fancy towards movie, not that drop dead need to watch freaking new movies in the cinema, but i do enjoy watching sometimes. Let me list mine! Wanna share yours?

1. Public Enemy

2. The Great Gatsby

3. Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events

4. Alice in Wonderland

5. Julie & Julia

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

7. The Age of Adaline

All of it is classic scene, i love the way they actually having this gown costume. Pretty little things that doesn’t exist now days. And their high classic English talk. Is nice to hear tho. Since am not a movie person, i shall share with you guys what type of moviegoer are you?Recent studies have confirmed psychological traits are linked to individual characteristics, values and preferences. At TipTap Lab, they wanted to understand how psychological traits were predictive of the types of movies individuals watch, and how this can be used to better predict movie-going behavior.


Now you know which one are you? Am confused. LOL Okay that’s all for now folks, gonna listen to Adele next. Enjoy weekend!


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