A nightmare birthday escape

Hi everyone, its been a few weeks i didn’t post things in here. Just feel like to be away but i need to tell you this. I went to Jakarta last weekend and it’s unplanned. First, let me acknowledge you, we planned to go Bali but end up in Jakarta. Why? A story about to tell here. Me and my two friends has been planned this like a month before. We bought flight tickets for 3 with Malaysia Airlines. So prod to fly with MAS but something pop up! two freaking hours before we departed, they informed us with text massage at one of my friend saying the flight been canceled with out mentioned reason why and we decided to straight away to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). So they said, due to volcanic ashes on the main Java Island. So Bali airport closed temporary. Than, MAS send us to near by hotel in Sepang. We stranded there for one night. What on earth am doing there since i can just go back and wait for the news. But they advised us to be there on standby. Till around 10pm, hotel didn’t know the status until we called MAS itself, they told us our flight will be at 10am tomorrow. Good! We are prepared for that. And there you go our Thursday. Burn into ashes like the Mount Raung ashes.

Friday, a new beginning. We hope and excited for Bali this time. And after checked in our luggage, they canceled our flight again. Perfect! So they give us meal voucher for lunch this time at any restaurants worth RM20. Owh come on, you can’t buy us one night stay and a lunch meal just to replace our trip. And they confirmed after 2pm there will be no flight on that day. Only on Saturday they will be flying. We bought return tickets, from Thursday and came back on Sunday. This is not gonna happened. All passengers start to gathered at the MAS counter. Just imagine, you canceled yesterday’s flight and today’s flight and you only opened 2 counter? Please be a little bit relevant MAS. This is so embarrassing. As a Malaysian myself, am not proud to have this as my airlines. I’ve been flying with MAS all the time. And this is the worst ever case i had been to. They should think the emergency cases like this could happen anytime and be prepared or at least alert what to do next. Ridiculous. You’ve known among the tourist, your name is big among the world. World class and very established. You can’t be this bad MAS. Shame on you.

They finally decided to re-route us to Jakarta. The tickets cheaper than Bali. Is either you canceled, got nothing or re-route to other places than Jakarta, have to top-up more and pay penalty, or to Jakarta city with no pay. We decided to go Jakarta city rather than canceled. That’s the only best options they can offer. We did check the flight from Jakarta to Bali, who knows they will be a local flight, but too bad all fully booked. We try our best not to came out with a plan that is wasting money and time. We asked them for refund, and open ticket so we can go next time, but nothing coming up with it. It is really bad experienced with our local airlines. At least they came up with a plan to transfer us with other flight, that will be good enough.

So we left Malaysia Airport on Friday evening and came back on Sunday.

I really hope Malaysia Airlines can improve their services in the future. No matter what the reason is, no matter how big is the problem, keep your customer/passenger in the loop and kindly solved problems as soon as possible. Of course you guys have been trained if this happen out of sudden right. Tourist, foreigner or even your own local people cannot accept what you are doing and how you solved emergency cases. Please keep this in mind, with out your passenger that buying your ticket seats, you have no business at all.

Thank you Malaysia Airlines for making my birthday escape a nightmare.

(p/s : i waste my money, i waste my work leave, and i waste so much of my time)


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