Coffee @ Coffeezzo

Good Morning Monday!

Hows your weekend peeps?been great? I wanna share with you guys my coffee session with my best buddy Ain Radhi last Friday night. It’s been awhile i didn’t see her since fasting month. It’s quite hard to see her now days since she stay’s in Kuantan. But never mind girlfriend, we can always make a time for each other. So we decided not to go so far away from my home. As usual, coffee is the main point.

Place – Coffeezzo in USJ21, Subang Jaya. A glass shop by the corner, just beside Main Place, you can see this shop from highway to Putra Heights and Puchong on your left. The first coffee shop opened in that area was Oh Scooter Cafe, i review it once, not long time ago. You can just search it the search tab on the right top of the corner. So this place is very new, the kitchen still close under renovation. They have no signboard yet and they are hiring a barista! Go check it out now!

Coffee – They served several of coffee. As usual, i had my flat white. It taste good and for Ain she had ice hazelnut coffee. We even had Tiramisu in a cup and a sliced of choco caramel banana cake. Everything taste so good over a catching up session with nice looking environment. Peace and quiet.

Price – Total for all RM43 with no GST or even service tax which is good. Thank you also to the friendly barista and the cashier. They are so nice in terms of communicating with the customer, they even talked to us when they have to closed the shop at 10pm but still asked us to stay still until they finished washing and closing. Thank you and great job!


And to Ain Radhi,


I’ll see you around next time, in Kuantan perhaps?

Love, f.


6 thoughts on “Coffee @ Coffeezzo

    • Hi Hamiza, am not sure is a halal cafe, cuz what i had is just a coffee and cakes contain no alcohol. Currently i think they served food too and definitely no pork served πŸ™‚

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