Failure Me

Merdeka is just a round the corner. And i didn’t even plan anything! What is wrong with you Fatin!? usually i’ll plan stuff before the days come. Things got so mess since i came back from Jakarta. I’ve been planned for a month, really looking forward to that Bali trip. Mentally physically prepared. And people keep asking me “hows Bali?” you freaking bastard am not went to Bali bloody hell! Cant you just read it here or maybe my instagram before you actually asking me directly?? tired of it. But too bad, not all your plans will make it. And this time is a failure. Bad planner. Thinking positively, GOD want me to stay away from Bali for awhile. What more, after i came back to office, got to find out i need to moved out to another office. And i might be transferred to another team for a better opportunity and future. Am not looking forward for that. Look, I’ve been in my comfort zone for such a long time. This is what happens once, people trying to moved you to different directions. And lately, so much work to do before we move out and preparing for new office till i didn’t realize that is going to be a public holiday on Monday due to Malaysia Independence Day and it’s my parents anniversary. Plus, my sister in law are going to give birth at anytime soon. I’ve planned for our printing shop opening day by next two weeks. But i think it’s going to be a failure again. So for now, i just going to follow the flow. Tired of planning things doesn’t work out.

Failure me.




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