12 thoughts on “Ways To Push Forward When You Feel Like Giving Up

    • Good day Kamal Yazid!

      Thank you for stopping by. Yup, that’s what almost all the people on earth will be saying. At least, i tried.

      Wait, we bumped into each other and you never never say hi? Where to be specific? 🙂 Yeah, we have to move due to some uncertain circumstances. Business strategy will be more appropriate i would say.

      • Kamal says:

        Hahahhaha.. I work Kat ringgit plus lah… Well to be honest I believe each and every person will face circumstance where they feel like giving up(happens to me thousand times)!

      • hey kamal,
        well yeah..everyone go tru all that is just a matter of time..same goes to me.but please dont give up so fast, the more you think you cant go on, the more negative vibes will come to you and youll feel worse.and its sux.

        owh really?under one roof thn..but too bad we didnt meet each other when i still there..and i heard you guys will be moving soon?

      • Kamal says:

        Yeah we moving to UOA. I’m a fan of Serai too(I kinda know the lady owner). Now your office Kat mana?
        WhatsApp me! 0129239134

      • Hey Kamal,
        Been away for awhile. ive got no time to check out my wordpress at all. Gosh!

        Anyway UOA KL? thats freaking farrrrrr
        Our office is just at PJX next to Amcorp Mall 🙂 dekat je
        Sure got your number, maybe we can meet at Serai sometimes.
        Anyway enjoy weekend!

    • Good Morning!

      One day! well for me is time, i don’t think i have time for myself. i do have but not much. everything i do i do it because of other people. just so you know, i am people pleaser. love to see they happy when they are around me. i would love to have “me” time sometimes. i would appreciate if i have few hours tho. seriously.

      what about you?

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