These last hours of ours

I can’t breathe easy, i cant sleep at night, i can’t dream yet another dream, there’s no air.

On these last hours of ours. Hope all memories remain in the heart and mind that been tattooed forever. Us will no longer one. There is only me and there is only you. For the good time please remember, you set yourself happy not because of anyone else. In the bad time, remember GOD always with you waiting for your doa’s and prayer. And always remember this, things happen for a reason and HE create it because HE is the best planner among all. Hope the sun brighter like it always did before, hope the stars shine for the best of your luck in the future, hope the rainbow shows its colors to be more cheerful on your new daily life and new phases, and hope the rain wash away all the pain and hardest things that going through in your new adventure.

I’ve got my best moment, my best memories, all the best things i ever had. Never gonna forget nor lose it. Keep it safe with me, only me myself and i. When there is a time, when there is perfect time i could reveal why and how and what makes me the strongest person that i ever know. Not to everyone, not to randomly people, not to anyone else that i know. Just to my new self. After i thought i can recover from all of it.

I hope you take me as a mistake and learned from it. As my favorite quote “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”. Good Luck!

Bare in mind, if it’s meant to be, it will be. Believe in fate.

xo, f.

*now playing – All of me by John Legend


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