Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung

And the last post for today. I know we had a lazy Saturday, simply lazy to cook and exciting to go for good food hunting and really spend time with mother and sister. It’s been awhile. Can’t wait for lazier Sunday hehe

So we make a point to stop by at Cake Jalan Tiung before sending my sister for a meeting at her faculty. Coffee session perhaps after breakfast or we called it brunch.

Place – Shah Alam. Cafe is like all over the place there. So why not? since we are in Shah Alam plus we wanna catch up the limited time for their business hour. From noon till 7pm. Landmark, behind Concorde Shah Alam and it’s at 1st floor after Anis Sup Utara. I know they opened another one in Menara Naza TTDI, but we keen to go for the first shop. A very decent cafe with minimal deco’s.

Coffee – Good coffee i must say, my flat white taste just nice. And they do coffee art too! But both of my mother and sister just had water with two slices of cake. One slice of Passion fruit cake and one slice of Teh Tarik cake. Both also not satisfy our cravings. Very normal taste no extra ordinary.

Price – RM30 with no GST. RM8 for Passion fruit cake and RM12 for Teh Tarik cake and RM10 for my flat white. Still cheap for a cup of flat white. Am not sure for the rest of the cakes. You can come and drop by perhaps. What we disappointed the most was the girl at the cashier counter. No smiley faces at all. As a customer, we really hope for her to recommend us with your shop specialty or something. But no, maybe she had a bad day 😦

A – Β 31M, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah J 9/J, Section 9, Shah Alam

C –Β +60 12-295 5988


IG – @cakejalantiung



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