Lunch @ Segamat Rel

Good Morning to all human on earth!

How was your morning going? I was late this morning and i have bad hair day, freaking messy! So lucky to have my new supplement while driving just now. This is my second day consumed, will definitely share with you guys soon. Currently listening to my acoustic playlist. Just wanna share with you guys new place to eat around Shah Alam.

Place – It’s in Seksyen 14, Shah Alam. But am not sure you realize the existing of the restaurant is right at the corner. Is actually same row as Twenty & co cafe that i reviewed before. Sorry was not able to snap a lot of pictures, it’s too early on Sunday. You can check out at their Facebook page perhaps. The concept of the shop is railway station. They served all Johor authentic food. Love to try others but they have time on certain meal and dish. Like breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner have time allocate.

Food – It was last Sunday, i bring my mum and sister went there and it was our first time. I saw the shops before but never have time to visit. So last Sunday we went for lunch. I had their honey chicken rice, my mum had their lontong and my sister had their nasi ambeng. I think the food very blunt. For my dish, it was really cant taste nothing, my mum’s had really salty one and my sister don’t like her dish it taste so pre-prepared food. We didn’t go for drink i don’t feel like to, so me and my mum just had warm water with it. My sister had their teh o ice limau. We didn’t even finished our food. Again, this is my experienced, don’t judge me here. You can come and try yourself, maybe the cook is not consistent?

Price –  The price is okay i think, you get big portion with it. You can view below receipt. But thank God their services was tip top. Waiter & waitress was handling a good job. To all, if you didn’t try you wont know. So drop by if you feel like having Johor authentic food, maybe to the one missing home especially Johorian. GO JDT! *tibe-tibe*  Okay whatever!

A – G09, Ground Floor, Plaza Azalea, 6, Persiaran Bandar Raya, Seksyen 14, Shah Alam 40000, Selangor

C – 0 199890802/03-5523 7946

FB –



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