Coffee @ One Serambi Cafe

Hello everyone, it’s good to be back here. A bit messy here and there, got no time to post on anything plus run out of mood to write lately. I think i put on weight a bit, more rice for me and no jog at the moment. First, i have to take rice at least once in a day and should be heavy food on regular meal. This due to my very bad tummy condition of having high level of acidic can caused to gastritis. Second, no jogging?are you kidding me? yes, no jog at the moment due to our city council running track closed for upgrading. You better be good after that. So that’s the story been up to. What about yours?

Today, I’ve got something good to share with you guys. Cafe’s as always, been slowing down for coffee hunting too. Trying to get rid of coffee a bit, it’s bloody freaking hard. I just trying to reduce caffeine in my body for more healthy lifestyle. Been taking something that need to control of caffeine intake. So much need to take care of. So this one cafe we’ve been before Ain Radhi went back to Kuantan. Called One Serambi Cafe.

Place – Located at residence area in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. A very cozy place i must say. I like it when cafe use glasses for the wall, it look huge and free. You can feel the concept with dim lights, really chill with classic songs playing. Is just nice.

Coffee – I think i had flat white if am not mistaken. I’ve got no complain on this. Actually, i came for their salted egg eclaires, unfortunately is finished. Than i think is the owner that sat with us and chit chat a lil bit about their new menu’s and recommended food savory and sweets. He asked us to check on their IG for more new things coming up so that i wont left behind hehe We ordered pavlova, churros and i think its chicken sandwich that night and on top of that, that guy actually served us blueberry cheese cake on house. Thank you Mr good guy! πŸ™‚

Price – I honestly forget about the total price, but no worries you ca scroll down for the menu with prices together. Do drop by if you near them!

A – 1, Jalan U8/24, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam


IG – one.serambi.cafe_shah.alam





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