Now, Stop Overthinking!

While listening to “I took a pill in Ibiza” (i wish i can) by Mike Posner. And since there is a lot going on in my mind currently, i go wild with overthinking about it. This morning when my Ain Radhi remind me how to stop overthinking, it took me awhile thinking, see am still thinking. Can’t get away from my active brain. Well today is the fifth day of fasting, just to wish you all Ramadan Al Kareem.

Friday, am on all black with red lipstick. Dare to to say hello? Evil on board baby. Anyway am gonna share with you guys how to stop overthinking before it becomes worse.


We have become a society that allows overthinking and negative thinking to prevail.  By simply shifting your focus to what makes you happy, or what you’re thankful for, you can start to retrain your mind to think more positively. Remember, it only takes one brick at a time to build a home…

Consequently, you will start to feel more peaceful and stop overthinking, since you no longer put so much emphasis on the negativity you perceive within yourself and elsewhere.

Remember, energy flows where attention goes, you can stop overthinking by creating awareness behind your thoughts.


Pay attention to your brain at this very moment…what kinds of thoughts do you observe?

Most likely, you will notice that the majority of your overthinking centers around what you have to do today, or what someone said that made you angry, or even degrading thoughts about yourself. Don’t feel bad, though; with so much negativity around us, maintaining a consistent positive mindset isn’t always easy. However, you can actually counter the negative, stress-inducing thoughts with simple, peaceful words.

Anytime you feel a bout of anxiety coming on, introduce calming words into your awareness, such as Tranquil. Calm. Peaceful. Serenity. Light. Love. Relaxing. BREEZE. BEACH. The last two words is my favorite and in the sequence describe scenery, which you can do as well if it makes you feel peaceful. Words carry a lot of meaning and power, so use them to your advantage whenever you feel stressed out.


Forget about the errands you have to run tomorrow after work, or the bills you have to pay next week, or the uncertainty of your future that you haven’t even gotten to yet. When you let thoughts like these ruminate, it can cause great disease within the body, and even lead to anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and other serious problems. Most anxiety is caused by simply living in a time other than the one we have right now, so bring yourself back to the present whenever you feel your thoughts taking you elsewhere.

By allowing yourself to flow from one moment to the next, just as you did as a child, you will recapture what it means to feel true peace.


Nature is the perfect way to quiet a busy mind. You could do this on a weekend or on your lunch break in a nearby park. If you’re really stressed out, considering going on a vacation somewhere beautiful and away from everything.

Anything you can do to strengthen your bond with nature will greatly benefit your mind, and help you remember that we create most stress we feel in our mind and body. We originated in a place of pure harmony, and most of what we see around us is just a very persistent illusion. Remember that nature doesn’t struggle through life, and you don’t have to, either. Don’t get too caught up with the trivial matters of the material world, because you won’t find peace in numbers or possessions.

Truthfully, peace resides within your heart already, but Mother Earth can help you remember this by providing solace from the strains of modern society.



5 thoughts on “Now, Stop Overthinking!

  1. Rahul Vancruze says:

    Wow mate! I mean I just read alot of these motivational and brain retrain techniques. It’s really worth reading!

    • 🙂 Thank you, is just to make my self feel good. Not all people can please you, not all people can make you feel good, only you know how to make yourself feel better. For me, i feel good when i write something here. And don’t forget all the good vibes need to spread out Rahul! 🙂

      • Rahul Vancruze says:

        Definitely! You have great things to write to change people’s life who are living in doubts and Insecurity! I appreciate! 🙂 Nice to meet you!

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