Short Trips : Kuantan

Hiย lovely people!

I have one question, do you know me in other social networking? do let me know!

Remember i make a visit to see my buddy in Kuantan last year? yes you can view it here ;

This year i make a plan to visit her again, stay at the same place, but this time with my mother and more exciting places! I mean exciting for food hunter ๐Ÿ™‚ Here we go, i took leave on Thursday & Friday since mother not working as well. Booked SilaLima for our stay, this time our room is upstairs, you can view it later, all you need to do is just scroll down. Met Gary again, the owner of the guesthouse. He looks good like last time. This year SilaLima is welcome us with more rooms. If anyone in Kuantan, do consider this superb guesthouse as your stay. We’ve got the best room ever i supposed, because of the clear sky view of the shower room. Love, love, love, i fell in love. But told by Gary it was down graded due to no garden view. But it’s okay folks! I don’t need no garden view as i get my transparent shower room ๐Ÿ˜€


In soย many times i was in Kuantan, i never had the time to visit East Cost Mall or you can call it Capital Malls. Modern concept if you compare to Megamall or Kuantan Parade. Here you can find cinema, Starbucks definitely and lot more shops that offered interesting stuff for local or tourist that enjoy shopping malls. We met Ain Radhi in the mall, as she is on her assignments reporting Promosi Kraf Kuantan 2016 with the Exco. So we decided to find local food for our lunch. We walked out the mall, just nearby they at the shop lots, we had lunch promotion which i had white rice with gulai kawah and drink cost me RM6.90. I can’t really remember the name of the restaurant but definitely is a malay restaurant. You can find sooo many restaurants nearby. Don’t you worry about that.


Before we checked in, we went to Kula Cakes for desserts. Something sweet for sweet person like me ๐Ÿ™‚ First of all, we had high expectation on the very famous Mango Cheese Cake that been viral around. Which my mother said, my friend mango cheese cake is better than this one. I tried before in Lila Wadi Restaurant, but that time was when after dinner and is not at the cake shop itself. So i thought it will be different. But too bad, is the same all hard cold mango cheese cake. Maybe you can try other cakes that they served there. Second, we expected we going to have a hard time to find a parking. Trust me, you can find parking slots nearby. Sometimes you have to be careful with the Majlis Perbandaran, they walk around and checked your parking coupons which i don’t have one, because you have to buy it in bulk. Park Illegally is at your own risk my dear ๐Ÿ˜€ ย So we only had a one plate of this mango cheese cake and one glass of pandan cooler, that cost us RM11.70 GST inclusive. Mango Cheese Cake is RM7.40 and Pandan Cooler is RM4.30. Just bare in mind, the shop only have 2 small tables inside that can fit 4 person only, and you can actually enjoy the fresh air where others big tables located just beside the shop with some kind of hipster mural. Enjoy taking wefie!

A – Kula Cakes, 96 A, Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.

C – ย 017 9711 396/012 6644 054

FB –ย

IG – kulacakes


Completed our lunch, we moved to tea time!Not really having tea, my mom wanted to visit this place called Satay Zul located just nearby our stay, but Ain Radhi brought us in Malay Town instead due to the crowd madness. As told by her, they got 3 branch in Kuantan itself, satay that is too famous among the local and outsider too. We had 20 sticks of chicken satay, 10 sticks of ‘perut’ satay, i don’t know what is it called in English sorry! All i know, it was delicious satay together with the peanut sauce. Than we ordered Mango Sticky Rice which is going to expired soon, but the cashier doesn’t take action on it after i told them, they still make me pay for it. All together was RM41.70 inclusive GST. One stick of satay is RM0.90, the Mango Sticky Rice is RM7.40 , and two drinks is RM2.30.


Than it’s dinner time! We go out quite late that night after tummy full of satay need to digest. Ain Radhi brought us to seafood place at Tanjung Lumpur which we need to cross the river bridge. About 15 minutes from our stay. Not much of crowd due to weekdays i think. It’s Ana Ikan Bakar, you can see the huge signboard near to the beach which we can’t really see, dark at night. Green color restaurant, can’t imagine how many people can fit in at one time. We had one plate full of butter prawns which is not really buttery, one plate full of fried squid, one big fish i can’t really remember what is the name was, one plate of white rice, two giant coconut water and warm water for me. Too sick to get other drinks for myself. Overall was RM83++ it’s freaking cheap!


The next day begin with Nasi Dagang! Favorite all time ๐Ÿ™‚ At 9 am in the morning, Ain Radhi pick us up from our stay and drove us to the best breakfast according to her and over the local people too. But when we arrived, nasi dagang with only ikan tongkol left and a little bit of chicken curry. Very little for me, but the nasi dagang itself make me feel the taste of real breakfast in east cost area, start your breakfast with the food that can make you smile whole day ๐Ÿ™‚ ย But this one, am not sure how they charged our food, too morning too worried. Will come back next time, and gonna make sure we come early. This place actually further more than Tanjung Lumpur, it’s nearer to Pekan. But not too worries, they have highways can bring you there.


Before we went for lunch, we go back for refreshment and checked out at 12pm. Ain Radhi brought us to this place just by the road side in residence area. Lunch at the place where too many people is like you crashed someones wedding. Because they have this wedding tents as from my view. Sorry i didn’t take pictures at our lunch place. But mentioned not, their staff are really friendly, they treated us good. You can actually add up your white rice , gravy and drinks for free. How cool is that right!? Thank you Kak ๐Ÿ˜€

And not to forget, Ain Radhi brought us to this place that we can buy Puding Raja, you can google out what is the history behind this dessert. They called it Dessert for the Royals.


Then we drop by at Ain’s house for a nap! I was really sleepy after the lunch. The last stop was KRIM by Kula Cakes. Again to complete our Friday lunch, we had home made ice cream for desserts. They opened at 3:30pm on Friday. We are the second customer of the day woohoo~ and we had the table inside the shop. They only have three tables inside that can fit 9 person and outside i think about 2 or tree tables like that. We are so lucky that we are early. Ain Radhi ordered cookie sandwich which is cookies served with ice cream of your choice. She choose Red Velvet Ice cream, mine was choice of vanilla waffles with choice of gula nipah ice cream. And mother only goes for one scoop of kuih bakar flavor ice cream. Total overall was, RM30.70 Cookie Sandwich is RM10.90, Waffles Ice Cream is RM12.90, Single Scoop Ice Cream is RM6.90. It was an awesome experienced for this flavorish home made ice cream, you’ll scream for their ice cream!

A –ย B-272 Jln. Beserah, Kuantan

IG – krim_kuantan


My birthday road trip with mother was successful, awesomeful, full of laughter and definitely worth the time and effort visited my best buddy! Thank you mother for making it happen, will have more #roadtrippinwithmother and thank you so much Ain Radhi for being my best tour food guide while am in Kuantan ๐Ÿ˜€ Me love you two much!


Am gonna see you soon in Shah Alam weird half! till than Behave!



That’s all for now, from your messy beach head! (we didn’t get to go to the beach this time, how sad)







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