Turn Back Time

Good Morning Coffee Lover!

Coffee after work. still relevant? or coffee while doing work? no money no talk, i think that’s what people always said. spend your money wisely. am currently at my favorite coffee place, working and coffee-ing. It’s Friday by the way, enjoy my coffee while i can plus raining heavily outside, most probably will stuck here till lunch. Yeah, that’s what i like that’s what i like ~ ergh this songs by Bruno Mars stuck in my head like forever. So hows your 2017 so far? still climbing the hill? or you already on a roller coaster ride? am still waiting for my adventure to come and i just can’t wait for my upcoming trip! woohoo~ Let me be honest, I almost hit thirty. Nothing much happens in the past 29 years. You know what i want to do if am still in 20’s? am not saying that i regret because not doing it but more to feel like i didn’t prepare my self to be this far, but yeah at least i do it before i reached where i am today.


I will open one account for my travel, one for property and one for my wedding and and one for my future just in case that suddenly i want to use it for anything. and perhaps bank account in other country too.


Did you know when you travel more when you are in 20’s you gotta meet a lot of people and make new friends around the globe. And not end up being single right now. LOL

3.WORK HARDER (werk werk werk werk werk)

Gain more knowledge, get more skills upgrade, get all the classes that i wanted to attend. and get more experience to build my own business because i was blind with money, so i work and spend. i should just learn how to do business. run a business is not easy. should start early.

It’s a lil bit of my thought and what i wanted to have if i can turned back time. At the end of the day, it’s you that create your own path and go through with it. #youcandoanything

May angels come across your weekend!



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