Coffee @ Caffeinated Cabin

Hi guys, its me again. I forgot about this cafe i went last Friday.

Place –Β The place actually the same place as the hair saloon called the Chezz. Share same compound, so you can park behind the building. Its exactly an old banglo if you cant see it from outside. And landmark, next to La Salle secondary school. This place is like a small glass house covered with trees. Very soothing. I wish i can open this type of cafe one day.

Coffee – Me likey my flat white! and love their turkey ham & raspberry bagel! i cannot say much, you should come here and try yourself if you nearby. Everything there was superb as my colleague also comment it was good. They had chicken chop and also big breakfast. It was big portions till you can share it. Presentation was awesome too. The most important, they served delicious pastries and also cakes. But very limited. I bought home some pastries as their having buy 3 free 1 promo. Cool ay? I wanna try their red velvet soon.

Price – For myself, flat white was RM9 and bagel was around RM12 i think. And for pastries it was RM5/piece. Not bad huh? Having a good time with colleague and bring some their good stuff home was nice too πŸ™‚ And forgot to mentioned, their waiter and waitress or barista is the coolest. So much friendly, we appreciate their welcome and smiley face.

A – 64, Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

C – 010-2224321 Eda




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