Page 21 over 365

Good Morning Saturday,

Hope is not too late to wish you guys a very happy new year 2017! how was your year so far? As am writing today, it’s already 21 days over. So what more you waiting for peeps, lets embrace our 2017.

As you all know, 21st January 2017 is Donald Trump first presidential inauguration. I would like to wish him congratulations and all the best America! I hope you still allow us to apply your Visa 🙂

It’s been awhile i left wordpress, but it doesn’t mean i didn’t read all my other lovely bloggers page. You all are awesome, you guys write good content, posted beautiful photos from around the world, and please don’t stop being one. And yeah, kudos to my readers and reviewers who always make me to keep on writing. Impress with my stats currently. Thank you!

So from my previous post about the being imperfection, i bring myself slowly towards that idea, surprisingly i feel good about it even though am not use to it at first. An experienced that i would love to share was, unplanned road trip. Remember i felt so down when our trip to Bali was cancel, after done so much researched, mentally and physically prepared for that trip, i cannot accept the fact that how much struggled i have to go through, money that i have to burned just like that. I recovered a few months after that, when i was thinking yes i should go with the flow. I still remember when I turned down my friends who are actually asking me with traveling, am so sorry guys, i don’t mean it. Because am not ready to go through it again. For a start, i went for a unplanned roadtrip last year when i was clearing my leaves. I feel good bout it, and it went well. I love the way it is, when you actually wake up from bed, and thinking to go somewhere nice, so i don’t want to be delayed, i get dressed and ready to drive! It’s an amazing feelings when you actually came back safely and said to myself, “see, you can do this, you don’t need to plan everything in  your life, sometimes things just go with the flow” 🙂

2017, it’s the time to wake my travelling bug inside me again! no time to be down with what was happens, leave it to the past. Am ready to roll this year, been planning to some places, and some events. Lets rock!






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