3:16 am

Out of place, out of space & time
Wide awake out of papers, I am
Not okay, I am out my mind
Outer space, that’s where
I’ve been going
To a place where
Place where nobody knows
Floating, at a pace where
Now you see me, and now you don’t

I do not feel the fear of falling
I wanna fly
If it all goes well, then I will
But what if I don’t?
I’ll be right where I was before
But I’m not alone
You say “take my hand”
And we go
And I hope that we don’t overdose
Cause we don’t
No we don’t
Ever know when we have had enough

Now my thoughts so cloudy
And my heart’s so crowded
With pain
I am so frustrated
Like my soul’s been taken away
Broken promise of everything
That I thought you were
Thought you said this would never hurt
That’s what it did
That is all

I’m a be so cold
Need some more
I’ve never felt these things before
I’m a think, for sure
Please don’t go
How could you not need me no more?
I don’t get it
You’re the only thing that I love
You’re the only thing that I want
You’re the only reason
The only reason


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