Vacay : Sri Lanka

Hello everyone, how are you? Been busy with work lately, no time to update anything in here. I talked about a trip about a month ago right? so here i am writing about it. So i went to Sri Lanka on the month of April. A very short trip, i would say yes if my friends want to extend but sadly i have to comeback to my mom, i don’t want to miss her birthday. The plan was at first, my ex colleague Pam, remember? she having her wedding reception in Sri Lanka. So i decided, to call up my friends who would like to go with me on a trip to Lanka to be my wedding partner. We planned this like a few months back like since last year. Since Pam told me she inviting me to her wedding and i was so shocked because it will be in Sri Lanka, who on earth will thought am accepting her invites and really looking forward for the trip.

Firstly, you know how i am if i really get exited for the things that is confirmed especially on a trip like this. I would never have Sri Lanka in my list, but this time why not? I make Pam’s wedding receptions as a point for me to fly to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a place where you can find a very friendly people, clean street, most of the cars are hybrid cars, love the facts where the communication is not a problem, as you know they used English, easy to communicate with the local, but not when you trying to negotiate or cursed them or talked bad about them while you with your friends LOL but not that you know we hate or disliked them, because they are nicest people! Really, from the city to the suburbs, they are really kind. I never expected Lanka is this nice. I mean i experienced the most wonderful place.

We arrived Lanka on the night before the reception. Reception took place in Weligama, on the South Coast area. We spend the night in Colombo City, Bunkyard Hostel. Most of the guess who stayed here are backpackers, just like the 4 of us. We already pre-booked all the stayed before we fly by using I think this is the most convenient website for hotel booking in anywhere you go. They either charged you at the hotel itself or direct to your debit/credit card. This place where we stayed on the first night charged us on the time we checked-in. So we pay by US Dollar. We already put a side for hotels. A tips, please look at currency first before you make a payment by using their local currency. I think most of it cheaper by using US Dollar if you are from Malaysia, but if you are from other country am not so sure about it. Our room is double bunk bed, the room is spacious, with our own toilet and bathroom and also balcony. Wi-fi at the highest signal when you are at their common space downstairs. Our room is just on the first floor anyway. You can just feel free to used their common space, kitchen, and dining. They served mix kinda breakfast (local/western), we have it with all other guess as well. Our bed is very comfy, we really had a good sleep that night. Because of time different, we are a bit of jet lag that night. So we slept a bit late where we need to get up early the next morning to catch a cab to go down the south. Owh not to mentioned, the next door was an art gallery, i definitely go if they are open, sadly they are not.

Next day, we have to rushed for the wedding reception where we don’t want to miss it. That’s the main reason why we were there. So we asked the same driver from last night cab to bring us to Weligama. Its about a 3 hours drive from Colombo City. The journey exactly like our back home highway with green-ish view from the city to the place we supposed to go. Really, as far we are from the city, we doesn’t feel the hassle since we arrived in Lanka. This place make me wanna come back for more. So when we arrived to the place we stayed, they called it We Escape. A place i called heaven on earth. I would never hate any of the place in Lanka. I felt in love right away when i saw this place. Love the carvings, love the colonial white building, love the environment, love the hospitality, love the services everything. This place also famous with backpackers while they called it poshtel. Spend a night here, make me regret not to stay longer. Anyway, this place is very near to the beach. I took a surf lesson the next day. It cost me LKR 2000. Overall 2 hours per lesson. A list that i need to checked. Am a happy girl!

After we arrived in We Escape, we get ready for the Wedding Reception. Just the 2 of us. It’s a very small and close occasions. Its a bout 40 pax only. Again i felt in love with the villa this time. A place called Eraeliya Villas and Gardens, about 5 minutes from our stay. We took tuk tuk to go there. how cool right? We asked the hotel to get us a tuk tuk. While you view all the photos, i will continue this post some other time, because am freaking sleepy right now! good night adios!

Hey, am back! okay so lets talk about the weeding. It’s my dream wedding, to have it by the beach, with the sound of waves, sunset, ocean breeze, close friends and family. Is like a dream come true to attended this kind of wedding reception. Thank you Pam for having me! such a lovely wedding with lovely couple. Congratulations again!Hope to see you again next year when you come back from UK πŸ™‚

Than the next day,we decided to go back to Colombo city by a train. Why not? Such an awesome view from Weligama to Colombo with almost 4 hours train ride. Very rustic kinda train still using steamer. An open window train, no air-cond just a small lil fan on top. What an experienced. I would love to do this again.

Once we arrived Colombo, right away take a tuk tuk to go to our next stay called Moss Colombo. Located at very serene area, white color building with green here and there. Love the services, and comfy bed and breakfast too! We got the best serviced while we are in Lanka. This place we took two rooms. One double bed and one king bed. Attached toilet, that’s the most important thing.

We have the whole day for us to go round town this time. So we went for a coffee, walked along Colombo University, souvenir shop, shopping mall, stadium, tasted the best Briyani in town according to the local, visited some memorial parks where the local usually do picnics and heritage buildings. Am in love with this city, even i don’t quite enjoy city for a vacation. It’s a good and amazing experienced that i will not get from other places. Thank you Sri Lanka, you do good! See you next round!


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